Monday, 23 November 2020

2021 Camp Quality esCarpade route announced

Get excited people, because the 30th Anniversary of esCarpade is coming up in 2021!!

Even more exciting is the fact that the route is very similar to the route from the cancelled 2020 event, so without further ado, the 2021 Camp Quality esCarpade will be...

When:  Saturday 23 October 2021 to Saturday 30 October 2021

Where:  Lismore to Narrabri via Rockhampton!

Day 1 | Lismore – Gatton – Nambour
Day 2 | Nambour – Maryborough – Bundaberg
Day 3 | Bundaberg – Calliope – Rockhampton
Day 4 | Rockhampton (Lay Day)
Day 5 | Rockhampton - Eidsvold – Kingaroy
Day 6 | Kingaroy – Tara – Goondiwindi
Day 7 | Goondiwindi – Bingara – Narrabri

Retro Rock-It will be back with a slightly updated crew - stay tuned for exciting announcements over the coming months, and remember, we want to smash our fundraising goal, so click that link over on the right, or below, or wherever it shows up on your browsing device!

Thursday, 6 August 2020

2020 Camp Quality esCarpade - CANCELLED

In disappointing but not completely unexpected news, the 2020 Camp Quality esCarpade has been officially CANCELLED due to the Covid-19 pandemic and border closures.

Fundraising will continue and will be applied to Retro Rock-It's fundraising total for the 2021 Camp Quality esCarpade, which will be esCarpade's 30th anniversary extravaganza!

The official cancellation from esCarpade HQ is below:

Firstly, the esCarpade team would like to let our friends in Victoria know we are thinking of you all and wish you all the best over the coming months. Our hearts go out to you in this uncertain time. 

For 29 years, esCarpade’s participants, sponsors, supporters and volunteers have put their heart and soul into creating a fundraising event that gives our kids and families facing cancer truly positive memories that change the cancer story. Without people like you this wouldn’t be possible. 

During these uncertain times we appreciate our loyal supporters, donors and suppliers more than ever and with that in mind we are writing today to update you about esCarpade 2020 in relation to the escalating impact of COVID-19.

At Camp Quality the health and safety of our kids, families, staff, volunteers and supporters is paramount. We are continually monitoring and assessing our events, programs and services, and where necessary changing existing commitments in accordance with the evolving situation and the guidelines set out by the Australian Government Department of Health.

With the ever changing border restrictions across the east coast and community uncertainty as we face mounting concerns with COVID-19, we have made the unfortunate and reluctant decision to cancel esCarpade in 2020. This has not been an easy decision, but one we feel is in the best interests for everyone’s health and safety. 

You can be assured that whilst this means we all can’t be together as one big esCarpade family, we are working on a number of options – both in person, and virtually – to ensure we bring the ultimate party on wheels to life in as many ways as possible for you.  Consider this simply as our gap year before the big 30th birthday bash! 

Stay safe everyone, and bring on 2021!

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Retro Rock-It Visit to Forge Legal

For the past couple of years, Forge Legal have been the largest single sponsor of Retro Rock-It.  Damian arranged to take Retro Rock-It to visit Tracey and the staff at Forge Legal to say thank you for the support!

Found the right office...

Damian and Tracey with Retro Rock-It outside the office...  (Thanks to Mike from marketing for the photo, since Damian neglected to get one with his camera!)

Oh... fancy!

Damian with Tracey McMillan, CEO Forge Legal.

Hiding in the office foliage... apparently noone else in the office is tall enough for it to be an issue!

After presenting Tracey with the certificate of appreciation, and posing for some photos and an interview with the Forge Legal marketing team, Tracey made a massive announcement concerning Forge Legal's support for Retro Rock-It in 2020.

For EVERY dollar donated to Retro Rock-It in 2020, Forge Legal will make a dollar for dollar donation of their own!!

If you have been contemplating making a donation, now is the time...  your donation will be matched by Forge Legal, effectively doubling the impact of each donation!

Click that big yellow button at the top of the page to donate... you know you want to!!

Monday, 24 February 2020

2019 esCarpade Thank You Event

While Cara and Rach from the Camp Quality head office were on their way through the Admin Survey for the 2020 esCarpade, they decided to catch up with Queensland teams to say thanks for their efforts during the 2019 Camp Quality esCarpade...

Not wanting to take Retro Rock-It, Damian at least wore his fancy socks!

Quick selfie with some of the Queensland entrants from 2019...

But where was Jo?  She had cheekily ducked behind Damian when he took the selfie, so she gets one of her own!!  Regular blog readers would remember Jo from the 2011 esCarpade (Bendigo to Bright), as Jo-Anne (who is Angus' wife) accompanied Damian in Booger Mobile that year!

Cara posing as only Cara could... no amount of coaxing could get her to provide Jo with a live performance of the banana song!!

Thanks Damian and Angus (with Rach from the office handing out plaques).

The 2019 plaque to commemorate Damian's 10th and Angus' 5th esCarpade...

Time to start thinking about the 2020 esCarpade, really!!  Mostly in Queensland this year (although it does start and finish in northern NSW).

Saturday, 23 November 2019

2019 Camp Quality South Queensland Christmas Party

The 2019 Camp Quality South Queensland Christmas Party had arrived, and as per usual, Damian would be MC'ing the day... Retro Rock-It came out of the shed for a drive over to Bribie Island...


And who doesn't like the back view?

Parked at Bribie Island, waiting for the families and volunteers to arrive.

Damian performing MC duties...

The crowd seemed a bit smaller than previous years...

The setup was a bit different also, with the gazebos lined up along the edge instead of across the middle near the stage...

The highlight of the day, as always, was the annual firies vs Camp Quality water fight...  One year Camp Quality should bring some hoses too!!

Splish splash!!

Naturally there were heaps of cool things for the kids to do...

Families having fun...

It was a glorious day...

The ladies and gents from the Wallum Action Group, who again made a substantial donation to Camp Quality!

Lining up waiting to see Santa...

Damian and his ever-patient wife Tricia (who took most of the photos for this blog).

And of course, no trip to the Christmas Party is complete without seeing Santa!

Retro Rock-It was back in the shed, a bit blurry... Damian was feeling a bit blurry by the end of the day also!

Thanks to the various Lions and Lioness Clubs from around the area who as always put on a fantastic day for the Camp Quality families and volunteers.

Monday, 28 October 2019

2019 esCarpade Statistics

For those of you who like numbers, or are just curious about the costs of attending esCarpade (which are met by the entrants themselves - this has nothing to do with the fundraising), check out the following!

Total Used - 747.23 litres
Total Cost - $1107.85

Lowest Price - $1.377 (Burpengary), with Goondiwindi and Mt Gambier only 1c more expensive...
Average Price - $1.483
Highest Price - $1.669 (Coonabarrabran), with Burpengary after arriving home 1c less expensive...

Average L/100km - 12.4

Total travelled - 5682km

Nights - 10
Total Cost - $1328

Lowest Price - $81 (Renmark)
Average Price - $133
Highest Price - $178 (Echuca)

Retro Rock-It raised a record total of $15017.20!

Sunday, 27 October 2019

2019 esCarpade Day 8 - Echuca to Morayfield

The 2019 Camp Quality esCarpade had come to a close, and the boys had a plan - don't set the alarm, but when they woke up, it was time to hit the road...  Turns out they were both awake at 4am...

It was still dark...

But they were on the road at 4:30am, heading towards Queensland.

Foiled!!  A red light at a roadworks, with not another car in sight...

Woot!  Green means go!!

The sun was starting to rise...

Looked like it was going to be a glorious day, even though the outside temperatured was still hovering around 4C...  Thankfully the heater was working well in Retro Rock-It!

Heading up the Newell Highway...

Damian took the first driving shift...

Onto dirt... grade 1 caution!

More roadworks, of course...

Into Forbes...

Past the "Spirit of Parkes" train...

Into sunny, downtown Dubbo!!

Again, past the muster point for the parade into town in 2018...

After a fuel stop, it was time for Angus to have a turn behind the wheel!

And straight into more roadworks...

Past some cool sports cars...

Doing the right thing through roadworks, and being rewarded with a happy sign!

Into Coonabarabran...

Into Narrabri for a quick break and a coffee...

Before pushing on...

Wide load!

Another wide load... must have been the day for it!

This crashed/broken taxi on the trailer has a sign on the back that says "Is this taxi your Plan B?"... err... nope... it's not!

Roadworks with an amber light... the boys had now had the full set!

And through Moree...  At this point, the boys noted there was still over three hours before sunset, so they decided to keep going.

Another roadworks, another happy sign!

Past the Wobbly Boot Hotel...

And yet more roadworks, with a VERY happy sign!!

Crossing back into Queensland...

And stopped for a refuel - both of Retro Rock-It and the boys...

Since they were both feeling fine, had shared the driving, had a nice rest and a feed in Goondiwindi and there was still another couple of hours of daylight, they decided to press on for home!

The shadows started getting longer...

Thankfully the sun was behind them!

And then, sunset was upon them... and they were in Milmerran - just a few hours from home.

Damian took the night driving shift..

Delivering Angus safely home...

Before heading to his house, locking Retro Rock-It in the shed and going to see his family... and of course, Merlin (the border collie) who was happiest of all to see Damian!

Time for a well-earned sleep... the trip home had been just on 18 hours, including rest stops and fuel stops.

Stay tuned for a summary of stats in the coming days (because you know you love that kind of thing)!