Sunday, 30 May 2021

Carrara Markets Corvette Car Show Fundraising

The boys were up bright and early to head to the Carrara Markets Corvette Car Show as guests of the Queensland Corvette Club.  Booger Mobile was a little sad not to be making the journey...

It was early, and dark... luckily the lights on Retro Rock-It work!

Arrived at the markets around daybreak, with the first of the Corvettes rolling in around the same time...

Carrara Markets Corvette Car Show... yep, this was definitely the right place!

Some beautiful cars rolled in (this one turned out to be the winner in its class)...

Lined up...

Final polishing waiting for the gates to open and the crowds to arrive!

Still a bit more room...

All the bonnets seem to open the wrong way!

Damian with his obligatory selfie...

This one was popular with the kids...

Trophies lined up waiting for the judging to be completed...

Camp Quality and Wounded Heroes were the charities being supported by the Queensland Corvette Club on the day...

Damian and Hoges collecting donations...

The crowds in full flight...

Lots of people came through the car show across the day...

Ladies!  Would you make a donation to this man?

Crowds, photos, photos of people in the crowd taking photos...

Wounded Heroes doing their thing...

Hoges resting his weary legs, but still accepting donations!  Alternatively, Retro Rock-It may have a new hood ornament!

Damian still smiling, and still accepting donations...  and taking selfies!  Note the QR code on the top of the container - the boys actually received a couple of donations today via the QR code!

Corvette owners lining up for the trophy presentation...

Winners are grinners!

Damian removed the QR code from the window, only to discover that the stickers were paper-based and they left their mark... 

Just like that, the day was done...

The cars filed out for the trip home...

With Damian and Retro Rock-It dropping Hoges home before heading back to Damian's place... where the lights got a test run...

Looking alright!

One amber one seems to be marginally annoying, but other than that, all systems go for the lights!

How much did the boys raise, you ask?

Well... first of all, the Queensland Corvette Club donated an incredible $500...

Next, the buckets had an astounding $502.60 in it... plus a couple of online donations, meaning the whole day raised over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

Thanks so much to the Queensland Corvette Club, the Carrara Markets (in particular the ever-helpful Mia who made sure the boys knew where and when they could shake their buckets) and all the punters who filed through and gave generously!

Saturday, 29 May 2021

See Retro Rock-It at Carrara Markets on Sunday 30 May 2021!

Damian and Hoges have been invited to bring Retro Rock-It to the Carrara Markets as guests of the Queensland Corvette Club on Sunday 30 May 2021 between 7am and 3pm.

A big venue requires a big donation bucket...  This one looks pretty good!

But it needs to look a bit more Camp Quality-y...

Damian using a sharp implement... what could possibly go wrong?


Three lids looking the goods...

And three donation buckets finished!

For those who don't have any cash... the QR Code is on the top of the bucket... clever!  Give it a try if you want to!!

Again, come along to see Retro Rock-It and the boys on Sunday 30 May 2021 at the Carrara Markets - they will be near the covered pavilion where the Queensland Corvette Club will have their cars on display!!

Why not drop by and throw some money in the buckets... or even try out the fancy new QR Code?

Friday, 30 April 2021

esCarpade 2021 Route Announced!

Start your engines, folks!!

Hot off the press!!  The Camp Quality esCarpade 2021 route!!  Words courtesy of the esCarpade team!

Day 1: Albury – Narrandera – Cootamundra

After heading out of Albury to the north we zig in a north-westerly direction through Rand, Urana and Boree Creek before lunching at Narrandera. 

After lunch we zag to the east shaving Junee before turning north to finish Day 1 in Coota.

Day 2: Cootamundra – Blayney – Forbes

We continue in a north easterly direction through Boorowa, Ryde Park and Rugby as we make our way past Cowra into Blayney for lunch. 

After lunch its a due west skirting south of Mt Canobolas, north Canowindra, pulling up stumps in Forbes.

Day 3: Forbes – Wellington – Mudgee

Like most mornings this trip, we spend them heading north. About 60km south of Narromine we cut right through Tomingley and continue east down a couple of dinky tracks and arrive for lunch at the second-oldest town west of the Blue Moutains, Wellington. The afternoon is short and challenging but it is a spectacular run into Mudgee. If there is a scheduled release of water from Cudgegong Dam, there will be a hairy causeway crossing just 2km into the afternoon section!!

Day 4: Mudgee (Lay Day)

Day 5: Mudgee - Gilgandra – Coonabarabran

We head north through the Ten Dollar town of Gulgong to Mendooran where we follow the Castlereagh river into Gil for lunch. After lunch at Gilgandra, we head for the big rock, the Warrumbungle Ranges. If there is time you can drive up to the Observatory on Mt Woorut before heading into Coonbarabran for the night.

Day 6: Coonabarabran – Tamworth – Armidale

You guessed it- we drive north into the Pilliga Scrub and rattle around in there for an hour or two before driving through  Boggabri, around Lake Keepit, dropping into Australia's Country Music Capital - Tamworth for lunch. After lunch we climb from 469m to 1049m, with a left-hand hairpin bend set to test the field and finishing up in Armidale for the day.

Armidale can be cold and given its over 1km above sea level, you can see why!!

Day 7: Armidale – Mystery location – Coffs Harbour

It is almost like we saved the best until last. We head towards Kempsey on the Kempsey Rd. However, when we get closer to Kempsey it turns into the Armidale Rd. The drive is amazing and so is the lunch venue which will remain a secret. 

After lunch we drive down the main streets of Bowraville and Bellingen before driving our last stretch of dirt on Gleniffer rd to arrive at Coffs from the South. 

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Fundraising with Queensland Corvette Club at Repco Max

Getting up early, Damian woke up Retro Rock-It as it was time to head to Repco Max at Moss St Slacks Creek as guests of the Queensland Corvette Club for their fundraising sausage sizzle!

The early morning light was pierced by Retro Rock-It's lights!

Really pierced!

Glamour shot from the passenger side...

After collecting Hoges, fuelling up and heading down the highway, the boys arrived at Repco Max, where Hoges helped get the flag set up!

Proud of himself, really!

Queensland Corvette Club getting set up for the cooking duties... 

Some of the early Corvettes lining up...


Damian and Hoges...  Always time for a selfie!

The first cooking was bacon and egg rolls for breakfast... Damian remarked to Hoges that it was just like being on esCarpade!

Prime corner spot for Retro Rock-It, watching the traffic go by!

Hoges checking that the flag is still in order!

And checking out the fancy under-bonnet paintwork on one of the cars!

After a great day catching up with the members of the Queensland Corvette Club, Damian dropped Hoges back home and headed home himself.

A great day was had, and the boys collected an impressive $77.85 in the tin!

Stay tuned for the next fundraiser, which rumour has it will be in late May down at Carrara Markets... again as guests of the Queensland Corvette Club!

If you have an event coming up and would like Damian to bring Retro Rock-It along (or even to come and speak at your group or club about Camp Quality and/or esCarpade), please drop Damian a line!